The Scylla Difference: Comcast went from 962 nodes of Apache Cassandra to 78 of Scylla

Comcast's DVR Scheduler processes more than 2.4 billion transactions per day and requires real-time results for users who are setting up recordings and reminders.

In this video, Phil Zimich, Senior Director of Development and Engineering at Comcast, explains in detail:

  • Reasons their IT leadership first adopted Cassandra and the performance shortfalls that then led them to Scylla
  • Step-by-step evaluation process and the database performance metrics that blew their minds
  • Annual cost savings in the millions
  • How they were able to migrate from 962 Cassandra nodes to just 78 Scylla nodes while also delivering a significantly snappier UI

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"What we saw was pretty phenomenal. We simulated 2 ½ times our peak load on a single data center while seeing a 95% drop in our response times. That's value that you pay back to the end-user right away." 

- Philip Zimich, Comcast

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