We want to make sure your company isn’t in the next headline news about a data breach. So Scylla includes multiple features that collectively provide a robust security model. Most recently we announced support for encryption-at-rest in Scylla Enterprise. This enables you to lock-down your data even in multi-tenant and hybrid deployments of Scylla.

Join us for an overview of security in Scylla and to see how you can approach it holistically using the array of Scylla capabilities.

We will review Scylla Security features, from basic to more advanced, including:

  • Reducing your attack surface
  • Authorization & Authentication
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Encryption at Transit
  • Encryption at Rest, in 2019.1.1 and beyond


Speaker bio

Tzach Livyatan, Product Manager, ScyllaDB

Tzach manages the Scylla Open Source, Scylla Enterprise and Scylla Manager products. In the past, Tzach was a product manager at Oracle and Convergin, developing products in the Telecom domain.

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