Sizing a database cluster makes or breaks your application. Too small and you could sustain spikes in usage and recover from a node loss or an operational slowdown. Too big and your cluster will cost more and waste valuable human resources.

Since different workloads have different requirements, successful sizing of your application should be optimized for both throughput and latency performance. However, in many cases, the requirements for each contradicts each other.

In this webinar, we will explain how to remediate the contradicting forces and build a sustainable cluster to meet both performance and resiliency requirements.


Speaker bio

Eyal Gutkind
VP of Solutions, ScyllaDB
Eyal Gutkind is VP of Solutions at ScyllaDB. Prior to joining ScyllaDB, Eyal held product management roles at Mirantis and DataStax, and spent 12 years with Mellanox Technologies in various engineering management and product marketing roles. Eyal holds a BSc. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Ben Gurion University in Israel and an MBA from Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

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