Many organizations struggle to balance traditional big data infrastructure with NoSQL databases. Other organizations do the smart thing and consolidate the two. This presentation explores Numberly’s experience migrating an intensive and join-hungry production workload from MongoDB and Hive to Scylla.

Join Alexys Jacob, CTO of Numberly, to learn how they joined billions of rows in seconds and dramatically reduced operational and development complexity by using a single database for their hybrid analytical use case.

As a bonus, Alexys will also cover benchmarks for Dask (a flexible parallel computing library for analytic computing) and Spark, highlighting their differences and lessons learned along the way.


Speaker bio

Alexys Jacob
Numberly, CTO
Numberly helps advertisers maximize the efficiency of their marketing strategy by combining digital expertise, strategic marketing vision, hands-on approach and big data skills. Alexys is passionate about distributed computing patterns and architectures and has given talks on these topics at conferences such as EuroPython. He is also involved in the Open Source community as a Gentoo Linux developer where he helps mainly on clustering and NoSQL related packages such as uwsgi, mongodb, redis, consul, rabbitmq, keepalived and Scylla. You can catch Alexys everywhere @ultrabug.

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