By centralizing cluster administration and automating recurring tasks, Scylla Manager brings greater predictability and control to Scylla-based environments.

In this webinar, you will learn about Scylla Manager’s recurrent repair capabilities, including why recurrent repair is critical for Scylla production cluster administration, and why keeping it manual results in errors and suboptimal performance.

We will present a demo of how to set up and run recurrent and ad-hoc repairs on a Scylla cluster, and give you a sneak peek of the Scylla Manager roadmap, which includes cluster management, rolling upgrades, and integrated monitoring.


Speaker bio

Michal Matczuk, Software Engineer, ScyllaDB

Michal is a software engineer working on Scylla management. He’s a Go enthusiast and contributor to many open source projects. He has a background in network programming.

Tzach Livyatan, Product Manager, ScyllaDB

Tzach manages the Scylla Open Source, Scylla Enterprise and Scylla Manager products. In the past, Tzach was a product manager at Oracle and Convergin, developing products in the Telecom domain.

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