Grab is one of the most frequently used mobile platforms in Southeast Asia, providing the everyday services that matter most to consumers. Its users commute, eat, arrange shopping deliveries, and pay with one e-wallet. Grab relies on the combination of Apache Kafka and Scylla for a very critical use case -- instantaneously detecting fraudulent transactions that might occur across approximately more than six million on-demand rides per day taking place in eight countries across Southeast Asia. Doing this successfully requires many things to happen in near-real time.

Watch this webinar for a fascinating real-time big data use case, and learn the steps Grab took to optimize their fraud detection systems using the Scylla NoSQL database along with Apache Kafka.


Speaker bio

Aravind Srinivasan
Engineering Lead, Grab

Aravind is an Engineering Lead at Southeast Asia’s leading mobile platform, Grab, where he works on the real-time data platform infrastructure. Prior to Grab, he was a key member of Uber’s data infrastructure team, which built an open-sourced queueing system from scratch.

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