When we think about database performance, data modeling shouldn't be overlooked; the way data is written and retrieved dictates how fast your system can operate. Because Scylla is a non-relational database, its data model focuses on application queries to build the most efficient data structure. Adapting to a new data modeling mindset can be done pragmatically by understanding new database concepts and how they apply to Scylla.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Scylla data model and basic CQL concepts
  • Primary and Clustering key selection
  • Collections and User-Defined Types
  • Problem finding techniques


Speaker bio

Juliana Oliveira
Field Engineer, ScyllaDB
Juliana is a computer programmer and a long-time free and open source software enthusiast. Her interests involve operating and distributed systems. She has contributed to the Debian project and worked with many shiny new technologies.

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