Why you need benchmarks

Finding the right database solution for your use case can be an arduous journey. The database deployment touches aspects of throughput performance, latency control, high availability and data resilience.

You will need to decide on the infrastructure to use: Cloud, on-premise or a hybrid solution.

Data models also have an impact on finding the right fit for the use case. Once you establish a requirements set, the next step is to test your use case against the databases of choice.

In this workshop, we will discuss the different data points you need to collect in order to get the most realistic testing environment.

We will cover:

  • Data model impact on performance and latency
  • Client behavior related to database capabilities
  • Failover and high availability testing
  • Hardware selection and cluster configuration impact

We will show 2 benchmarking tools you can use to test and benchmark your clusters to identify the optimal deployment scenario for your use case.

Attend this virtual workshop if you are:

  • Looking to minimize the cost of your database deployment
  • Making a database decision based on performance and scale data
  • Planning to emulate your workload on a pre-production system where you can test, fail fast and learn.



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Speaker bio

Eyal Gutkind
VP of Solutions, ScyllaDB
Eyal Gutkind is VP of Solutions at ScyllaDB. Prior to joining ScyllaDB, Eyal held product management roles at Mirantis and DataStax, and spent 12 years with Mellanox Technologies in various engineering management and product marketing roles. Eyal holds a BSc. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Ben Gurion University in Israel and an MBA from Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.
Moreno Garcia is a Solution Architect at ScyllaDB. He is a problem solver by talent and trade. Moreno has worked in IT for 15 years, the last five as a solution architect. An open source software enthusiast, Moreno loves applying new technology to solve old problems, and hates acronyms with a passion.

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