Over the last few years ScyllaDB has helped many companies in media, IoT, financial services, and retail migrate away from DataStax and on to Scylla. By making the move, these companies have collectively saved millions of dollars in infrastructure costs. More importantly, they have freed up countless hours of developer productivity to focus on customer features, rather than demoralizing operational drudgery. They are enjoying better performance, smaller datacenter footprints, and greater agility.

Database migration is often viewed as a high-risk procedure. Yet, the majority of our customers made the move rapidly, with zero downtime and with no impact to running applications.

Read this paper to learn:

  • 6 main reasons why customers like Comcast, Santander, Zillow, FireEye and Medium migrated from DataStax to Scylla
  • An overview of the differences in features between DataStax and Scylla
  • Customer use case examples illustrating the performance and cost improvements resulting from migrating to Scylla

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6 Reasons to Switch from DataStax to Scylla

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