With so many moving parts, how can you be sure that a tweak to your database is really beneficial or just a measurement fluke? And how can you be sure that your benchmark is measuring the right thing?

In this webinar you will learn a set of best practices to improve the quality of your benchmarks, including how to...

  • Evaluate changes to database systems, whether you are a code contributor or a user playing with knobs
  • Determine what to measure for the most accurate results
  • Make benchmarks that are strong, solid, and reliable

We will also cover how to judge whether benchmarks with incredible claims are to be trusted.

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Speaker bio

Glauber Costa is VP of Field Engineering at ScyllaDB. He splits his time between the engineering department working on upcoming Scylla features and helping customers be successful with Scylla.

Before ScyllaDB, Glauber worked with Virtualization in the Linux Kernel for 10 years, with contributions ranging from the Xen and KVM Hypervisors to all sorts of guest functionality and containers.

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